Risk City

Risk City (name subject to change) is the first game coming from Cyber Learning Games. It's a cybersecurity culture focused role-playing game, where you are a new CISO responsible for the security of an organization's networks, including the security they provide to organizations across the city as a managed-service security provider. As part of this, your initial focus is on ensuring your organization has a solid foundation and a security-minded culture.

This is intended to be a variant on the traditional "security awareness training" that is intended to make it more fun an interactive, with multiple real-world examples in topics like phishing, smishing (texting-based phishing), remote work and mobile devices, and others - about 18 topics in all.

Over time this game will expand to include some industry-specific training and some training focused on upper-level management and their role in enabling a positive security culture.

You can try it here:

Risk City 

note: there's a bug where it might give you a "Cannot read properties of null (reading 'updateLastGamepad')" error. If you refresh (might take a couple refreshes), that error should go away and you'll be able to play the game.